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Running ads on this platform can drastically change your junk removal business and bring in opportunities overnight, but it can also be dangerous on your own.

While Google is a spectacular platform it’s easy to lose a lot of money when your ads aren’t set up properly and maintained correctly.
Our focus here is optimizing your campaigns, setting up the proper landing pages, and using the right keywords and negative keywords to give you the most success.
We want to find the highest quality opportunities at the lowest cost to get you on the phone and in front of your ideal customers.

Google Ads Success Story

Matt came to us after some recent struggles with another reputable ads management company for junk removal. He was very close to calling it quits and wasn’t even sure if he would give us an opportunity.
I love his story because even though we may have other companies who are spending more on Google and even companies who have reached 7 figures – his path from nearly giving up to hitting 30-40k months this year is pretty incredible.
We were able to put together a strategy to help lower his cost per conversion and raise the quality of calls coming in to help him stick to the junk removal industry and begin to thrive.
Are you struggling with Google Ads or need a company to help you with ads management? Schedule a call with us and we’ll learn more about your business to see if we can help!

Legacy Junk Removal

His path from nearly giving up to hitting this year is pretty incredible.

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