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Full Lead Generation From Start To Finish

We will take the customer through the entire process from seeing your ad to requesting a review and then eventually doing business with you again! First the customer sees your advertisement and responds which comes in through our system.

Next, our team responds and sets an on-site estimate for the customer to have you come by and remove the items. Once you complete the job you can simply drag and drop that contact to send a review in person via text message.

After a few months we will reach back out to that same customer for you with an automated text to help them remove any additional junk they have accumulated since our last service or to help out a friend/family member!

Automatic Repeat Business

Adding additional revenue through the customers you’ve already worked with made simple with our automated text campaigns. You simply send us your customer list with name and phone number and we’ll send each customer a personalized message.

Each customer will only get a text once every few months and we’ll drip the campaign to build a machine that’s working for you and sending out text messages daily to keep your calendar booked every week.

Build Connections with Realtors & Property Managers

Take advantage of the system we have built that helps junk removal business owners land more residential and commercial work through realtors, property managers, apartment complexes, storage companies, and general contractors.

Everyone in junk removal knows the value of connecting with these people but rarely do they have the time. Now you’ll have a team who can help you get in front of these connections on a daily basis.

Everything Inside Of One Mobile App

Keep track of everything and stay organized as all of your messages will be inside of our mobile app that can be used on the go while you’re in the field. Better yet you can always leave it to our fully-trained team to communicate with your customers and book them into your schedule while you’re busy servicing other customers.

Top Notch Website Development

A great looking website can cost a ton of $, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We have pre-built website templates available to make your site look great at an affordable rate!

We want your site to belong to you, not us. While some providers charge a monthly fee and hold your website we want to make sure we not only build a great looking site, but that it’s 100% yours.

It’s important for your website to look great and be professional, but your site won’t do you any good if it can’t be found. We’ll provide the necessary content needed to help your website gain visibility in your market.

Junk Removal CRM

The goal of our CRM is not only to keep your business organized, but to build a customer database that you can capitalize on with recurring business and to continue building rapport with people who already know and trust you.

We’ll send text messages out to your previous customers to help generate recurring business. If you’re providing a great customer service experience many of the people you’ve already worked with have an opportunity for more business with you they just need a friendly reminder. This is a great way to increase business that most junk removal business owners do not take advantage of!

Previous customers receive no more than one text every few months to ensure that not only are we helping provide you with more business, but also keeping them happy without constant messaging.

We can help automate just about anything within our system to help take care of tasks so you can focus on your business. You’ll be able to see all conversations and communicate inside, schedule jobs, and even request Google reviews.

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